Working with Ponderosa

For those of us who grew up in the western US, the ponderosa pine is iconic. For many, it simply is the west. Whether it is the vanilla/butterscotch scent the older more stately trees emit or just the sound of ever present mountain winds in the needles, these trees have a place in our collective memories.

When we chose ponderosa pine as the raw material to build Timber Age around we knew is had a character as strong as some of western peoples that have used it in building for nearly a thousand years. What we underestimated a touch is how the multi-hued tones, knots, variable grain and signs of environmental pressures would come to dominate spaces and objects made from this material.

cross laminated timber table made of ponderosa pine
A little whitewash to tame the character

Cross laminated timber was originally developed in Austria about thirty years ago. The Austrians reached to their local forests and tree species as the raw material to develop the initial buildings made from CLT. Many of those species are more pale, have fewer knots and are generally a little less noisy when used in an interior space.

Whether you prefer the more character filled look of raw ponderosa pine or the subdued, quieter vibe of a whitewashed look we are busy experimenting and fine tuning options for our clients to pick from as our CLT makes its way into living and working spaces what we believe our communities will be made of for decades to come.

Come visit us some time and have a look for yourselves, choose the look of ponderosa that fits you and your family best.

Published by Andy Hawk

Lover of the Southwest, father, fisherman, sawyer and story teller. Timber Age Systems Co-founder and CCO.

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