Timber Age Stories

From Forest to Shop Floor to Community

Follow along as we Elevate Communities Through Innovative Materials and Methods Which Transform the way we Design and Build

Welcome, read-on and innovate!

  • RREO Grant Success!
    Wait? What? A Recycling Grant? $437,000, that’s what! The Colorado Department of Health and Environment has a super innovative program to assist companies, like Timber Age, who divert waste from landfills in one way or the other. The program, known as the Resource Recovery Economic Opportunity (RREO) is funded by fees we all pay whenContinue reading “RREO Grant Success!”
  • Working with Ponderosa
    For those of us who grew up in the western US, the ponderosa pine is iconic. For many, it simply is the west. Whether it is the vanilla/butterscotch scent the older more stately trees emit or just the sound of ever present mountain winds in the needles, these trees have a place in our collectiveContinue reading “Working with Ponderosa”
  • Fear and Joy of Getting Noticed
    Company Week Feature Eric Peterson and his team at Company Week , interviewed us back in July. It was an honor to speak with them and we are excited for the exposure but at the same time, it’s a little nerve wracking. Is it imposter syndrome? Is it just the fear of being a youngContinue reading “Fear and Joy of Getting Noticed”
  • The Origin Story
    Please find something to do with ponderosa pine. It is that sentence that kicked off the concept that would become Timber Age Systems, Inc. My name is Andy Hawk, I am one of the founders of Timber Age and I want to welcome you to our collection of stories and images. We are a smallContinue reading “The Origin Story”

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