Fear and Joy of Getting Noticed

Company Week Feature

Eric Peterson and his team at Company Week , interviewed us back in July. It was an honor to speak with them and we are excited for the exposure but at the same time, it’s a little nerve wracking. Is it imposter syndrome? Is it just the fear of being a young and innovative company that is pushing the limit a little? Both? More?

We jumped into the creation of Timber Age with a huge number of spreadsheets and more thoughts than could be captured on fifty whiteboards. Then it happens, you incorporate, you tell a few folks outside in inner sanctum. Oh man, the cat and the bag have parted ways. Now what? It becomes the moment where you are standing on the edge of the cliff above the green translucent waters of the lake below. Jump? Retreat? All of the doubt pours in but as an innovator and an entrepreneur there is this motivation to lean out, head for the free space between cliff and water, go, jump, make a splash, however so small.

Your heads breaks water, back into the warmth of daylight and someone shouts, “hey we see you”. And at that moment the company becomes a real and tangible thing. It is no longer an idea, no longer something that lives in the spreadsheet on the laptop. No longer the hushed conversation at the coffee shop. Two people in a garage become seven trusted advisors and a crap ton of Post-it-notes.

What have we started?

And now, eighteen or so months on it looks dramatically different. The fear is never gone, the hesitation is ever present, rocking from toes to heels, toes to heels. Do we have what it takes? We think so, sometimes. Then a stranger reaches out and asks to have a conversation and to write a little something. Oh man, it is like sweaty palm prom night all over again. Well here we are, out of mom and dad’s house. Have a look at what Company Week has to say about the adventure we are on.

Timber Age Company Profile

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Lover of the Southwest, father, fisherman, sawyer and story teller. Timber Age Systems Co-founder and CCO.

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